ObstAbendessen Typisch Thai

Nan has asked us to help her with the publication of her cooking and baking recipes. That's what we want to do, because she is an excellent cook.

Why another cook blog? Now it is primarily about what the many Europeans here in Thailand can conjure up. Many are hardly familiar with the devices, do not know which products can be purchased where or which many small aids there are. But most of them, mostly men, can't cook and need instructions.

But many points are also about the deepening of knowledge about Thai products. There we will also report a little more extensively on individual ingredients.

We will try to keep everything as short as possible, but so informative that everyone understands what it is about. We have looked at many recipes and I must honestly say that for some of them I didn't know what the author was trying to explain. Also we will deal with mistakes that can occur during cooking and will try to counter them.

So, a lot of information, but also fun we will try to mediate, please take part in the comments or go to the forum. Nan will be happy!


The kitchen: